At the source of your flower bouquets: a magnificent shop !

14, rue de l'Hôtel-Colbert
75005 Paris
Lundi-Sam 9h-19h.

+33 1 44 50 00 20

Rue de l'Hôtel-Colbert, nestled in the very heart of the 5th arrondissement, our exclusive boutique offers a beautifully curated selection of rare and seasonal flowers, carefully chosen by our dedicated florists in the earliest hours of the morning. Our fragrant fresh flowers are gracefully displayed against the evocative and poetic backdrop of antique crimson tapestries and baroque furnishings, in perfect harmony with the surrounding antique shops of this charming area of the city. Our passionate team will be delighted to assist you in your choice, whether you are looking for a simple and sophisticated bouquet with seasonal fresh flowers or a more grandiose, awe-inspiring composition. We create subtle and unique bouquets which can be delivered all across Paris and its region.