Floral decoration for your events

For Individuals

Subscriptions, the flowers invite themselves in your home

Flower.fr offers you 2 different formulas subscription for your floral decoration:


A reception, a birthday, an anniversary... You want to celebrate an event and the florists combine well-chosen ephemeral flowers, sophisticated, interwoven, natural, they come in touch or profusion. Come meet our staff to find the best floral decoration for you.

For the professionals


Step 1: choose the style and the universe you prefer for your floral decoration.
Step 2: set your budget by week so per month.
Step 3: ask for a week test at the store of your choice to confirm the style and volume.
Step 4: contract signature for 12 or 24 months offering you a regular service with home delivery – 2 months notice before termination.


A reception, a seminar to your company’s colors? Center tables, buffet compositions bring color and freshness to your event. Our florists will think with you about the design you want for your floral decoration, based on your budget. Detonating or discrete, colored or sober, do not hesitate to send us your request, all compositions are delivered and taken back 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bouquets for company employees and their families:

From 30 to 300 euros, Flower.fr offer bouquets and compositions for happy or less happy circumstances. Bouquets of wild flowers, beautiful cut orchid flowers in their vase... the choice is endless.