Creation and Maintenance of gardens and terraces in Paris

Balconies, Patios
Terrasses & Gardens
Paris and its region have the ideal climate for the development of plants coming from elsewhere: Mediterranean plants, tropical, oceanic may soon live in your patio or garden, play with their exhibition and highlight in a striking contrast the gray sobriety of Parisian stone.

This contrast, this strange alchemy between the mineral and the plant is the secret and the specific expertise of team. Depending on your plant and architectural environment, your exposure and the moments you want to spent in these outdoor spaces, will draw a custom project.

Thinking about a garden, a patio, a terrace is combining perfumes and sow the future odors of mosses, herbs, roses, underbrush or hot pins. Designing the implantation of plants, is working with their exuberance throughout the seasons by mixing graphics, teeming and prolific.

When the stone turns into mud:

When creating a garden or terrace, containers have graphic and aesthetic tremendous importance. They will structure floor space, bring the colors and materials.

In addition to a wide range of containers (ceramics, resins, zincs, etc...), produces its own tanks, designed to suit your space.

The finest containers are sometimes those who are forgotten, then the green magically appears.

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