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Love Game

White game: nothing is hidden, everything is to write. Before the most beautiful stories it's the great erasure, everything is authorised and the purest desires...branching roses, garden roses, wild roses, all, provided they are white. Every morning our florists choose the most beautiful species.
In compliance of the bouquet and based on arrivals, one variety can be replaced to ensure the best freshness and finest quality.

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A Passage to India
A Passage to India - Le MYSTIC
Antique Rose Dealer
Damas Blue
Fresh Air
Love Game
Midnight in St-Germain
Pastel Time
Red Revolver
Rose Inspiration
Rose Inspiration - Le MYSTIC
Spirit White
Sweet Flow
Water Petals
Water Petals - Le MYSTIC

All our bouquets are made in one of our two shops in Paris and hand-delivered by our deliverymen.

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