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Sweet Flow

The flowers gave their delicious water, the one kept for long in the torn hearts of Austin roses and harvested without reservation in those of the pink Avalanches roses. When the waves come from a pastel garden, shadows are pale and the notes romantic.

The Sweet Flow bouquet is composed of Sweet roses, Pearl roses, Cream roses, Austin roses, Avalanche roses, Bombastic roses and camellia and lentisk leaves.

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Why offer the Sweet Flow roses bouquet ?

"The rose is without why, it blooms because it blooms, It pays no attention to itself, asks not whether it is seen." Angelus Silesius. The rose blows us to be without reason to seek. The rose appears to us in the simple being-there, who sleeps, who opens, who falls and disappears. The love rose, the passionate rose, the tender rose, the rose and its thorns, the singular rose, the rose of all the characters, the rose of every woman, the rose of every man, the rose under the tongue, the rose on the words. In addition, the Sweet Flow bouquet contains Avalanche roses. The rose Avalanche is undoubtedly the queen of Flower.fr florists: large and resistant, it has an excellent resistance in vase and its button always opens very generously. From a pastel pink in the heart and green on the peripheral petals, it is a very sweet rose that easily compose with other varieties.

In order to respect the composition of the bouquet and subject to availabilities, one variety may be replaced.

Flower.fr tips for taking care of the Sweet Flow bouquet:

Cut the stems into bevel, remove the leaves and fill the vase to the top of the stem. Remove the peripheral petals or petals of protection so that they bloom to their maximum.

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