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Antique Rose Dealer

Beautiful palette of pastel colours with antic modulations and dreamy tones. Variations of roses come harmoniously, in prunus branches, in the green colour of the eucalyptus coppers, and in the shaded petals of the hydrangeas. Branching roses, krasivaya roses, some buttercups…and look at this fairy tale bouquet.

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In order to respect the composition of the bouquet and subject to availabilities, one variety may be replaced, in order to keep optimal freshness and quality.

Flower.fr tips for the Antique Rose Dealer bouquet:

Cut the stem into a bevel, remove the leaves and fill the vase to the top of the stem. Remove the peripheral petals or petals of protection so that they bloom to their maximum.

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75€ to 150€

All our bouquets are made in one of our two shops in Paris and hand-delivered by our deliverymen.

Shipping in Paris: + 10 € ,
and suburbs (92, 93, 94): + 15 €